Bonflowers are a type of flower seen in Calling All Mixels, mainly used for defending Cubit bases.

Cubit Defense Tower Levels

Stage One


The first stage.

The first stage of the Bonflower appears to be a bright yellow flower, which appears to be in the middle of growth. It has closed eyes with eyelashes, and a blushing grin underneath. Lava is seen pouring out from the top.


Can spew damaging fireballs on your enemies.

  • 2 Lava Watering Cans

Stage Two


The second stage.

The second stage of the Bonflower appears to be fully grown, and there is a normal grin with two sharp teeth underneath and lacks eyelashes, unlike the first stage. The color is also different, basically being an orange color.


Fortify your flower.

  • Attack: +25%
  • Defense: +25%

Stage Three


The final stage.

The final stage of the Bonflower appears to have a full set of teeth and two black eyes with tiny white pupils, and appears to be overgrown with a more reddish color. The stem seems to be growing prickly vines at the bottom of the stem.


The best blooms anywhere.

  • Attack: +50%
  • Defense: +50%


  • So far, it is the only Cubit defense tower to be a living creature.
  • Their name is a play on the words "bonfire" and "flower".

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