Mixel Tribe Land Mixel found in Level Name(s) Mixel Required
Vulk Infernite Electroids Zap Zap! None
Zorch Infernite Cragsters Better Safe than Sorry None
Seismo Cragster Infernites I am Flain None
Krader Cragster Infernites Dig Through Anything None
Shuff Cragster Electroids
  • Cartridge Family
  • No Juice!
  • Crank it Up!
Volectro Electroid Cragsters Electrorock None
Zaptor Electroid Infernites
  • Statue of Limitations
  • Park Protecter
  • Gate Crasher
Teslo Electroid Cragsters
  • Mysterious Island
  • Sandwich NomNom
Gobba Fang Gang Infernites A New Friend? None
Chomly Fang Gang Flexers Tea Time None
Jawg Fang Gang Fang Gang Raiders of the Lost Temple Flurr
Slumbo Frosticon Fang Gang Muscle Kidnapping None
Flurr Frosticon Frosticons No More Nix! Kraw
Lunk Frosticon Fang Gang Nixel Herding None
Kraw Flexers Frosticons Nixel Defense System None
Balk Flexers Frosticons Ray of Light None
Tentro Flexers Flexers The Fair Jawg
Glomp Glorp Corp Flexers Get to the Safe! None
Glurt Glorp Corp Glorp Corp Recyclable Wizwuz
Torts Glorp Corp Wiztastics Balloon Flight None
Magnifo Wiztastics Glorp Corp Water Under the Bridge None
Wizwuz Wiztastics Wiztastics It's Gonna Blow! Hoogi
Mesmo Wiztastics Spikels Suspended Nixels None
Scorpi Spikels Wiztastics Magic Keys None
Footi Spikels Glorp Corp Red Light, Green Light None
Hoogi Spikels Spikels The Art of Drawing Glomp


  • Flain is the only mixel who cannot be rescue