Below is a complete list of the soundtracks existing in the resources.assets (only in iOS) file in Calling All Mixels.

Main themes

World Map Menu

Music world map menu loop

Generic Menu

Music generic menu loop

Timer Events

Music timer events loop

Mixing Lab

Music mixing lab loop

Mixel Selection

Music mixel selection loop

Mission Success

Music mission success screen loop

Main Menu

Music main menu loop

In-game Mixing

Music in game mixing loop

Area Outpost Win

Music Area Outpost win

Area Outpost Lose

Music Area Outpost lose

Mixels' themes


Infernites action loop
Infernites exploration loop
Infernites outpost defend loop
Infernites region background loop


Electroid action loop
Electroid exploration loop
Electroid outpost defend loop
Electroid region background loop


Cragsters action loop
Cragsters exploration loop
Cragsters outpost defend loop
Cragsters region background loop

Fang Gang

Fanggang action loop
Fanggang exploration loop
Fanggang region background loop


Frosticons action loop
Frosticons exploration loop
Frosticons region background loop


Flexers action loop
Flexers exploration loop
Flexers region background loop

Glorp Corp

Glorpcorp action loop
Glorpcorp exploration loop
Glorpcorp region background


Spikel action loop
Spikel exploration loop
Spikels region background loop


Wiztastics action loop
Wiztastics exploration loop
Wiztastics region background loop

External links

Season 1

Happy Birthday to Balk

Season 2

Don't Pull The Plug! / Chase for the Key / Klinkers Theme / Royal Fanfare Theme / Murpball / Zoo Bus / Go, Go, Go Mighty Nindjas! / King Nixel Theme / Nixel Invasion / Mix It Up!


Mixels Main Title / Mixels End Credits / Mixels BG Cues / Calling All Mixels/Soundtrack / Jacaranda Waltz / March

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