Frosticons tribe
Series 2
Color Light blue
Dark blue
Home Frozen Volcanoes
Occupation Ice Mixels
Leader Flurr

The Frosticons are a Mixel tribe in Mixels. They have icy powers, and hail from the frozen crystalline shells of dead volcanoes. They are blue, dark blue and transparent blue in color.

Description Descriptions


Slow-moving and chillaxed, the Frosticons spend most of their time power napping in sub-zero temperatures.


Slightly altered. Slow-moving and chillaxed, the Frosticons are a tribe of icy powers that spend most of their time taking it easy in sub-zero temperatures.



The three original Frosticons were featured in the second wave of Mixels.

Image Name Description
41511 Flurr b Flurr Naturally curious, he can take to the air and explore the Frosticon lands.
41509 Slumbo b2 Slumbo His strength is incredible, if you can keep him awake long enough to use it.
41510 Lunk b Lunk He's not the smartest or most graceful, but his ice exoskeleton makes him extra tough.


In Series 5, three more members were released. They are the cousins of the original Frosticons.

Image Name Description
41539 KROG a

A living garbage disposal, he is a Mixel who desires to eat anything.

41540 CHILBO a
Chilbo A Frosticon who thinks he's a total know-it-all, listening to him puts the others right to sleep.
41541 SNOOF a
Snoof Extremely curious, he believes that Planet Mixel is one big place of wonder.


Image Name Description
Unknown frosticon vector Frostbite A student who attends Mixopolis Middle School.
ShivorVectorbyDerek Shivor A student who attends Mixopolis Middle School.
Fridjerk vector by zootycutie Fridjerk A student who attends Mixopolis Middle School.
Narrator vector by CoinsCP Narrator Seen in the film Mixing, So That's How It's Done!.
FreezieBreezieVectorByDerek Freezi-Breezi A background Frosticon.
Vector Frosticon Astroy by RC Scrud One of Booger's close friends that shares a model with Astroy.
Frosticon teacher mixel
Wintrifred A background Frosticon who owns a Mixie Cat & shares a model with the Teacher.
Mixelparent transparent Mixel Parent & Frostbite's Brothers Frostbite's mother and younger brothers.
Frosticon Flyer Vector by Josh N/A A background Frosticon.
Bytelikefrosticon N/A A background Frosticon that shares a same model with Byte.
Flare like frosticon N/A A background Frosticon that shares a model with Flare.


The following list contains the episodes in which all three members of this tribe are seen, excluding Background Mixels.


  • Their leader of both groups (2014 and 2015) is Flurr.
  • They are based upon the element of ice.
  • Krog, Slumbo, Chilbo, Flurr, and Lunk are all based on creatures: Krog and Slumbo are frogs, Flurr is a dragon, and Chilbo, a sloth. In addition, Lunk is partially based on an apatosaurus.
  • All of them have medium azure colored pieces in their LEGO sets, which before had only been found in the Friends theme. This makes these pieces very rare.
  • It is good (probably luck-bringing) and "the bomb" to be a Frosticon, stated by Flurr and Slumbo. ("Snow Half Pipe")
  • Their description says they are 'slow-moving', but the Series 5 Frosticons are quite faster from their original branch due to their boosters.
  • The 2015 Frosticons are shown to be more relaxed rather than sleepy, unlike their 2014 counterparts (excluding Flurr).
  • They brought the sport of Snowboarding to Mixel Land.
  • Since Wrong Colors, at least one of them have been in every episode with the exception of Mixel Moon Madness, where their appearances were relegated to the intro and transitional scenes.
  • The 2015 Frosticons represent September on the 2016 Wall Calendar and the 2014 Frosticons represent December. While on 2015 Wall Calendar, the 2014 Frosticons represent separate months for each member, except for Slumbo, who only appears on the front cover (Flurr represents May, while Lunk represents December).
    • They are the only tribe to have both of their branches contained as characters in the 2016 calendar.
  • They have the most Mixels of any tribe, at 19.


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