Gift Box TRANS
Gift Boxes are types of presents in Calling All Mixels. They include a random prize, which can be used for building cubit defense towers and upgrading cubit collectors.


Calling All Mixels


A Gift Box as seen in a popup in Calling All Mixels.

Gift boxes are seen in about every level in Calling All Mixels. They are giant, square-shaped, and purple and include a random prize used as an ingredient.

There is also a different version of the gift boxes, which are angular and blue and sometimes gives out inspirations, cutscenes, and instructions. However, when all the bonuses are given out from the blue boxes, they will only give out prizes like the purple ones.


A bunch of gift boxes

A bunch of gift boxes in Calling All Mixels.

  • Once all the unlockables are given from the blue boxes, they will only give out items.
  • Items given out include cubits, flaming coconapples, ceramic figurines, and other various items that appear exclusively in their own areas.
  • Series 2 and 3 did not include their own cubit defense towers and ingredients from gift boxes.
Cubits (Mix / Max / Murp)

Food (Coconapple / Cookironi / Ice Cream / Hamlogna Sandwich (Hamlogna Conveyer Belt) / Zap Zaps / Bar-B-Cubes / Rock Pops / Plowers / Cake / Cupcake / Strawberries / Barbecue / Rocks / Stone Popcorn / Mixmallows / Weenie Burgers / Crater Tots / Rokit Sauce / Oxy-Juice / Pizza / Coffee / Donuts / Soda / Lollipop)

Sports (Digging / Rockball / Mixelball / Slingshot / Snowboarding / Log Toss / Fetch the Cubit / The Soccer Championship of the World / Basketboard / Volleyball / Murpball)

Ceramic Figurines (Piranharex / Porcucobra / Tigerscorp / Teddy Butterfly / Cheetagon / Rambit / Shrimpbee)

Gift Boxes / Cubit Defense Towers (Bonflowers / Lavanuts / Cart Crashers / Snail Mail / Bubble Busters / Shockotrons) / Crystals / Ballooñata / Totems / Mucks / Potholes / Pipe Trees / Electric Trees / Popsicle Trees / Sunflower / Cloud Ship/Mega Nixel Mixel Nixer / Mix Festival / Wiztastics Show / Lightbulb Sun / Illnesses / "Oh, schnixel!" / Lava Slide / Ship-Space / Campcube / Gravity Plug / Forest Freeze / Nixelstorm / Ultimate Nixelator / King Nixel's Airship / The Chosen One (Egg-Rock / Maximum Mixel shadow puppet / Mixamajig / Mixamajig Key) / Go-Kart / The Mixels Movie / Mix TV / Cubit Ball / Mixing, So That's How It's Done! / Mixopolis Vehicles (Bus / Royal Coach) / Cell Phone / The Nindja Chronicles / I-Cubit

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