Glowkie Cave
Glowkie Land
Inhabitants Glowkies
Visitors Orbitons
Features Multicolored rocks
Large cave openings
Pink water pools
Afraid of the dark? Are you joking? We Glowkies love the dark. That's where the fun is!

The Glowkie Caves, also referred to as Glowkie Land, are a location on the Mixel Moon where the Glowkies and Bats reside.



The Glowkie Caves are a large purple and pink cave with multicolored rock formations made by Boogly's fangs. Flowing throughout the caves is a pink river, which pools in different areas. A large opening lets in the light of various multicolored stars. It is located in the interior of Mixel Moon.

There is also an area with a stage, for the Glowkies to perform on, and seats for the audience.

One part of the exterior outside the caves is an opening that resembles an angry face.

In Apps

Mixels Rush

Screenshot 2015-05-28-21-14-10

In Mixels Rush

In Mixels Rush, the Glowkie Caves are called Glowkie Land, and are the fourth world in the game.

Mixels Rush Background Music

Bgm glowkies


  • The Glowkie Caves could be the reason that Mixel Moon is glowing.
  • Some rocks in the caves can glow when stepped on.
  • They somewhat resemble a nightclub.
  • One of the entrances to the cave looks like a face, making the mouth of the cave a literal mouth.
    SP MMM 01

    The face-shaped cave.


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