Gobba & Flain Mix
Cartoon Appearances Epic Comedy Adventure
Primary Mixel Gobba
Secondary Mixel Flain
Purpose To get rid of Nixels (Epic Comedy Adventure)
Ability Fire breath

The Gobba & Flain Mix is a Mix that made his debut in Epic Comedy Adventure.


The Mix has Gobba's head with two of Flain's prongs on his head, which house a fire. He has Flain's red and black torso and Gobba's brown hips. He also has hands like Gobba's but with red fingers. He has brown feet like Gobba's, only with red tips.


Epic Comedy Adventure

When Gobba and Flain Mixed together, he fights the Nixels and saves the Mixel Festival. He later sampled Major Nixel's cupcakes, only to find that something's missing, which is "his face", and slams the cupcakes into the Major's face.


  • Despite having Gobba's mouth structure, this Mix is able to close his mouth without teeth showing, unlike the original Gobba.


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