Gobba & Kraw Mix 3
Gobba and Kraw hawaiian mix
Cartoon Appearances Vaudeville Fun
Epic Comedy Adventure
Primary Mixel Gobba
Secondary Mixel Kraw
Purpose To pass an audition (Vaudeville Fun)
To relieve boredom (Epic Comedy Adventure)
Ability Can dance like a hula dancer
Boon chika boon chika boon boon boon!
— Gobba & Kraw Mix 3

The third Gobba & Kraw Mix is a Mix that made his debut in Vaudeville Fun.

Physical Appearance

This Mix has the legs and head of Gobba, with additional long eyelashes, as well as Kraw's tentacles. He wears a tall fruit hat, an orange dress with a brown coconut bra over the chest area, and a teal boa around his neck.


This Mix was one of Kraw and Gobba's auditions for the "Vaudeville Show". ("Vaudeville Fun")

The Mix appears during the Mix Festival, dancing by Zaptor. Later, when Kraw and Gobba were bored on the long journey up Mixel Mountain, they waste the emergency Cubit to Mix into this form and entertain themselves. ("Epic Comedy Adventure")


  • Thanks to the design of his outfit and eyelashes, he was a hint that female Mixels do exist in some form.
  • His design is based on that of Carmen Miranda.


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