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Klinkerton Boardroom
In the hall
Inhabitants Klinkers
Visitors Frosticons
Glorp Corp
Features Large windows
Hypnotizing wheel

The Klinkerton Boardroom is a long room inside a building in Klinkerton where the Klinkers appear to meet.



The room appears as a long hallway. In the back, there is a large, dark brown door, with the design of the Klinkers' wheel symbol on it. On both sides of the room, a large variant of the wheel symbol is also sticking out of the wall.

A red carpet runs throughout the room, alongside a bunch of windows. A Cubit-like pattern appears on the ceiling. In the front of the room, there is a final window with the wheel symbol at the top. When controlled, all the windows are covered and the wheel comes down, darkening the room. The wheel spins into a spiral that can hypnotize all, if not, most Mixels.

This functionality reverts itself back to normal after a long period of inactivity, allowing effected Mixels to wake up.

There is an elevator that leads to the various floors of the building, where a mural with the three main Klinkers appears on the wall.


  • The building where this room is located may be the headquarters or, to a different extent, the home of the Klinkers.


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