That's no Nixel, that's my brother in law!
— Kraw & Gobba Mix
Kraw & Gobba Mix 4
Cartoon Appearances Vaudeville Fun
Primary Mixel Kraw
Secondary Mixel Gobba
Purpose To get into an audition (Vaudeville Fun)
Ability Stand-up comedy

The fourth Kraw & Gobba Mix is a Mix that made his debut in Vaudeville Fun.

Physical Appearance

The fourth Kraw & Gobba Mix has Kraw's forehead with Gobba's jaw, replacing Gobba's upper-set of teeth with Kraw's upper-set of teeth. He includes an orange mouth with Kraw's tongue on top of a long, yellow shirt with a blue-striped tie. He also has Kraw's hands, Gobba's feet, and a microphone.


Vaudeville Fun

The fourth Kraw and Gobba Mix is the final Mix that appears in Gobba & Kraw's audition. He is heard telling the punchline of a joke, and then he starts to laugh, only to get a pie thrown in his face for his efforts.


  • The bass lick that plays during his performance is a reference to the television series Seinfeld.
  • His shirt, tie, and microphone make him similar to Screeno.


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