Log Toss is a sport invented by the Fang Gang. The game is the main focus of the episode Fang Gang Log Toss.


How to Play

The first thing to know is that a log is required in order to play the game. Said log must be tossed into six totems, and have the log hit all of them repeatedly until it finally stops. The number of times the log hits a pillar is the amount of points earned per round. The other player must be beaten, if there is one, and get more points than them. This can go on for quite a while.

Mixel Toss

Mixel Toss is like Log Toss, but requires a log-shaped Mix or Murp to play. Other than that it is the same as Log Toss.


  • The Fang Gang invented it for the Mixel Land.
  • Flain and Slumbo do not like it, as the log hit them while they were relaxing, causing them to destroy the log in retaliation. However, they later got what was coming to them. They Murp, and Jawg and Chomly then use them as a log to play "Mixel Toss".
  • The game appears to be a combination of caber tossing and pinball, minus the ball.

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