Welcome, Mixel dudes, to the annual Mixel Mix Fest! Where we celebrate the totally rad, super-awesome power of the Cubit!

The Mix Festival, Mixel Festival or Mixfest is an annual event coordinated by all of the Mixel tribes. It was made to celebrate the power of the Cubits, mixing, maxing, and to a lesser extent, murping.


Calling All Mixels


Flain on his way.

Flain arrived late to the festival and was surprised to find out that no one was attending. He later discovered that the Nixels had captured his friends, and the festival was put on hold until he could find them.

Epic Comedy Adventure

Later, everyone was at the festival (most likely the previous one rescheduled after its problems), when Major Nixel ruined it with the Mega Nixel Mixel Nixer. It was unnixed and back to normal after the Series 1-2 leaders saved it.

Mix Festival


  • Flain hosts this event. Additionally, a DJ turntable is spun by Vulk, and Zaptor is in charge of the hamlogna sandwiches.
  • Major Nixel is the one who ruined two festivals in a row.

Cubits (Mix / Max / Murp)

Food (Coconapple / Cookironi / Ice Cream / Hamlogna Sandwich (Hamlogna Conveyer Belt) / Zap Zaps / Bar-B-Cubes / Rock Pops / Plowers / Cake / Cupcake / Strawberries / Barbecue / Rocks / Stone Popcorn / Mixmallows / Weenie Burgers / Crater Tots / Rokit Sauce / Oxy-Juice / Pizza / Coffee / Donuts / Soda / Lollipop)

Sports (Digging / Rockball / Mixelball / Slingshot / Snowboarding / Log Toss / Fetch the Cubit / The Soccer Championship of the World / Basketboard / Volleyball / Murpball)

Ceramic Figurines (Piranharex / Porcucobra / Tigerscorp / Teddy Butterfly / Cheetagon / Rambit / Shrimpbee)

Gift Boxes / Cubit Defense Towers (Bonflowers / Lavanuts / Cart Crashers / Snail Mail / Bubble Busters / Shockotrons) / Crystals / Ballooñata / Totems / Mucks / Potholes / Pipe Trees / Electric Trees / Popsicle Trees / Sunflower / Cloud Ship/Mega Nixel Mixel Nixer / Mix Festival / Wiztastics Show / Lightbulb Sun / Illnesses / "Oh, schnixel!" / Lava Slide / Ship-Space / Campcube / Gravity Plug / Forest Freeze / Nixelstorm / Ultimate Nixelator / King Nixel's Airship / The Chosen One (Egg-Rock / Maximum Mixel shadow puppet / Mixamajig / Mixamajig Key) / Go-Kart / The Mixels Movie / Mix TV / Cubit Ball / Mixing, So That's How It's Done! / Mixopolis Vehicles (Bus / Royal Coach) / Cell Phone / The Nindja Chronicles / I-Cubit

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