Mixel Parent
Mixelparent transparent
With two of her children.
Debut Nixel, Nixel, Go Away
Latest Appearance Nixel, Nixel, Go Away
Nicknames (aka)  ?
Tribe Frosticons
Position Member
Gender Preference Female
Color Blue
Special Features Ice spikes
Likes  ?
Dislikes Her children in danger
Quote "My babies!"
Voice Actor Leonard Garner
Game Abilities  ?

The Mixel Parent is a Frosticon Mixel.


Physical Appearance

She looks almost exactly the same as her son Frostbite.

The Mixel Parent has a blue trapezoidal body with a cyan slope on her back. Her arms are cyan with black pincers. Her legs are black with cyan toes. She has a mouth with five teeth. She has a single eye with a cyan eyelid and two icicle-like horns on the top of her head.

Unlike her son, she wears a baby harness to hold her youngest child. She also has all her details as cyan consistently, rather than using light blue for her slope and horns.


The Mixel Parent was a witness to missile launching, sheltering her children from the site, while inadvertently dropping her middle child when it was over. ("Nixel, Nixel, Go Away")

Memorable Quotes

Behind the Scenes

Name and Basis

The name "Mixel Parent" is a direct transfer from the credits, describing her function.

As her name suggests, she is also the mother of Frostbite, along with her two younger sons.


In the TV series, and where sound clips are used, the Mixel Parent is voiced by Leonard Garner.

Real-life history


The Mixel Parent debuted in the TV series on October 1, 2016 in Nixel, Nixel, Go Away. She does not have a LEGO set.


TV series

Season 2



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