A shot of the Mixelverse.
Inhabitants Mixels
Visitors  ?
Features Void
Planets (all known locations)

The Mixelverse is the galactic outer space where Mixels is set. It houses all locations.



There are many asteroids and stars in the Mixelverse. There are also molecule-like stars scattered across.

Celestial bodies

The first two are the only bodies fully explored in the show, but the others have only been briefly seen. It is unknown if any life exists on these, or what their terrains are like.

Max planets

Planets in the Mixelverse from Orbitons Max transformation sequence

Starry "knight" sky

Stars in Every Knight Has Its Day

  • Planet Mixel
  • Mixel Moon
  • Tan and orange striped planet
  • Brown-striped and orange-spotted planet
  • Ringed blue planet
  • Orange and brown striped, pink ringed planet
  • Red and orange "wave" planet
  • Blue striped planet
  • White moon-like planet
  • Pink moon-like planet
  • Several moon-sized Cubits


Outer space

It is unknown how other Mixels that aren't alien travel here. Mixels most likely have to Mix in order to get up in space, in similarity to the Sproingy Lands. Some Mixels with wings (e.g Flurr or Mesmo) may be able to fly up. However, in Mixed Up Maze, it claims that Nurp-Naut, Burnard and Globert had to travel to the stars in their Ship-Space, hinting other Mixels may also need one to travel here.

In Mixel Moon Madness, the Infernites are taken into space by the Orbitons' ship-space.




TV series

Season 2


Planet Mixel
Large Rock / Mixel Mountain / Mixel Park / Mixamajig Threshold / Mix Orleans / Infernite Kingdom (Volcanoville / Vulk's House) / Mine (Krader's House / Shuff's House) / Mountain City (Teslo's House / Electroid Classroom) / Frozen Volcanoes / Farmlands / Sproingy Lands (Party Building) / Swamplands / Spiky Desert / Magic Tent / Klinkerton (Klinkerton Boardroom) / Lixer Land / Weldo Land / Muncholand / Mixopolis (MCPD Station / MCPD Police Academy / Castle / Musicland / MCFD Station / Mixopolis Wharf / Sea Dawg / Mixopolis General Hospital / Mixopolis Middle School / Mixopolis Zoo / Mixopolis Stadium / I-Cubit Building / Mixes / Lava Lounge / Tuxedo Club / Mixopolis Bank / Mix TV Studios / Kid's Club)
Mixel Moon
Orbitopia (Nurp-Naut's Room) / Glowkie Caves
Nixels Land
White Space
Niksput / Nurp-Naut / Rokit / Astroy
Orbitons Max
Orbitopia (Nurp-Naut's Room) / Mixels in SPAAAAACE!! Puzzle / Ship-Space / Crater Tots / Rokit Sauce / Oxy-Juice / Cupcake

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