Munchos Land
Inhabitants Munchos
Visitors Frosticons
Glorp Corp
Features Giant food structures
Rolling plains
Ah, Muncholand. The perfect place for a soft landing!
King Nixel

Muncholand, sometimes written as Muncho Land, is a location in Planet Mixel. It is where the Munchos reside.


Muncholand resembles parts of the regular Mixel Land; it consists of rolling plains and fields. However, it also contains large food, such as:

  • Cake for mountains.
  • Pizza slices for trees.
  • Chocolate bars and cherries sticking out from the ground.
  • Burgers also appear to be growing off of bushes.
  • The clouds appear to be made out of cotton candy.
  • The ground resembles pizza toppings.
  • Gumdrops resembling stones scattered through a river.
  • Giant utensils such as forks and knives.
  • Mixmallow fields.

There are also tacos, cupcakes, meatballs, and Pocky sticks in other areas.

In Apps

Mixels Rush

Muncho Land MR

In Mixels Rush, Muncholand is the seventh world in the game.

Mixels Rush Background Music

Bgm munchos



Main article: Muncholand/Gallery


TV series

Season 2




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