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When certain Mixels combine, there is a chance it may fail and become a murp - a weird, uncontrollable and even dangerous mixed-up Mixel. Murps can occur when one or both of the Mixels are startled while using a cubit.

All of the Murps in Season 1 were voiced by Fred Tatasciore.

List of Murps



There are also murps made out of LEGO bricks, using the Mixels sets. Some of them are shown in the show. However, due to the endless possibilities of building, one can use the parts to make any new creature out of any number of sets, and not necessarily build by the book.

The following list shows all of the official murps that LEGO has shown.

Mixel 1

Mixel 2


Krader Flain
Zorch Krader
Krader Vulk
Volectro Vulk
Vulk Zaptor
Teslo Vulk
Volectro Krader
Teslo Krader
Seismo Krader
Shuff Seismo
Seismo Teslo
Shuff Teslo
Shuff Zaptor
Shuff Volectro
Teslo Volectro
Flurr Tentro
Gobba Flurr
Lunk Flurr
Kraw Lunk
Lunk Chomly
Jawg Lunk
Gobba Lunk
Slumbo Balk
Slumbo Jawg
Kraw Balk
Chomly Kraw
Chomly Tentro
Chomly Balk
Chomly Gobba
Kraw Jawg
Gobba Jawg
Gobba Kraw
Gobba Balk
Glomp Glurt
Glomp Scorpi
Glomp Hoogi
Glurt Hoogi
Footi Glurt
Torts Footi
Magnifo Scorpi
Scorpi Wizwuz
Footi Hoogi
Footi Wizwuz
Magnifo Wizwuz
Magnifo Footi
Hoogi Wizwuz
Niksput Vampos
41528 NIKSPUT 41534 VAMPOS COMBO MURP 883x335
Nurp-Naut Meltus
41529 NURP-NAUT 41530 MELTUS COMBO MURP 883x335
Nurp-Naut Burnard
41529 NURP-NAUT 41532 BURNARD COMBO MURP 883x335
Nurp-Naut Rokit
41527 ROKIT 41529 NURP-NAUT COMBO MURP 883x335
Nurp-Naut Boogly
41529 NURP-NAUT 41535 BOOGLY COMBO MURP 883x335
Rokit Vampos
41527 ROKIT 41534 VAMPOS COMBO MURP 883x335
Boogly Rokit
41527 ROKIT 41535 BOOGLY COMBO MURP 883x335
Boogly Vampos
41534 VAMPOS 41535 BOOGLY COMBO MURP 883x335
Vampos Flamzer
41531 FLAMZER 41534 VAMPOS COMBO MURP 883x335
Vampos Nurp-Naut
41529 NURP-NAUT 41534 VAMPOS COMBO MURP 883x335
Vampos Globert
41533 GLOBERT 41534 VAMPOS COMBO MURP 883x335
Vampos Burnard
41532 BURNARD 41534 VAMPOS COMBO MURP 883x335
Burnard Meltus
41530 MELTUS 41532 BURNARD COMBO MURP 883x335
Burnard Boogly
41532 BURNARD 41535 BOOGLY COMBO MURP 883x335
Meltus Niksput
41528 NIKSPUT 41530 MELTUS COMBO MURP 883x335
Meltus Boogly
41530 MELTUS 41535 BOOGLY COMBO MURP 883x335
Flamzer Meltus
41530 MELTUS 41531 FLAMZER COMBO MURP 883x335
Krog Jinky
41537 JINKY 41539 KROG COMBO MURP 883x335
Chilbo Snoof
41540 CHILBO 41541 SNOOF COMBO MURP 883x335
Chilbo Spugg
41540 CHILBO 41542 SPUGG COMBO MURP 883x335
Chilbo Tungster
41540 CHILBO 41544 TUNGSTER COMBO MURP 883x335
Gox Kamzo
41536 GOX 41538 KAMZO COMBO MURP 883x335
Gox Snoof
41536 GOX 41542 SNOOF COMBO MURP 883x335
Gox Spugg
41536 GOX 41542 SPUGG COMBO MURP 883x335
Gox Turg
41536 GOX 41543 TURG COMBO MURP 883x335
Jinky Kamzo
41537 JINKY 41538 KAMZO COMBO MURP 883x335
Kamzo Snoof
41538 KAMZO 41541 SNOOF COMBO MURP 883x335
Krog Chilbo
41539 KROG 41540 CHILBO COMBO MURP 883x335
Krog Snoof
41539 KROG 41541 SNOOF COMBO MURP 883x335
Snoof Turg
41541 SNOOF 41543 TURG COMBO MURP 883x335
Spugg Turg
41542 SPUGG 41543 TURG COMBO MURP 883x335
Krog Kamzo
41538 KAMZO 41539 KROG COMBO MURP 883x335
Chilbo Jinky
41537 JINKY 41540 CHILBO COMBO MURP 883x335
Jinky Spugg
41537 JINKY 41542 SPUGG COMBO MURP 883x335
Snoof Spugg
41541 SNOOF 41542 SPUGG COMBO MURP 883x335
Berp Vaka-Waka
Berp and Vaka-Waka Murp
Dribbal Snax
Dribbal Snax Murp vectory by Dadaw
Gurggle Berp
Gurggle and Berp Murp
Gurggle Snax
Gurggle and Snax Murp
Gurggle Vaka-Waka
Gurggle and Vaka-Waka Murp
Slusho Berp
Slusho and Berp Murp
Snax Vaka-Waka
Snax and Vaka-Waka Murp
Wuzzo Berp
Wuzzo and Berp Murp
Wuzzo Dribbal
Wuzzo and Dribbal Murp
Wuzzo Snax
Wuzzo and Snax Murp
Wuzzo Berp
Wuzzo and Berp Murp 2
Forx Berp
Forx and Berp Murp
Kramm Forx
Kramm and Forx Murp
Kramm Slusho
Kramm slusho AKA Mad stone
Kramm Snax
Kramm and Snax Murp
Forx Wuzzo
Forx wuzzo AKA Maybe trumpsy
Kramm Vaka-Waka
Kramm Vaka-Waka 2
Forx Dribbal
Forx dribbal mix 2
Kuffs Mixadel
Aquad Tuth
Mysto Myke


  • Unlike mixes and maxes, murps don't have any Mixel being dominant.
  • It is unknown when two Mixels will murp, but it most likely occurs when one or both Mixels are caught off-guard, as seen in Fang Gang Log Toss, High Five, and Murp Romp.
  • The Flain & Krader Murp has appeared the most out of all of the other murps so far (in Murp and Snow Half-Pipe).
  • At the LEGO website on the Murp page, a line says "Combine two, three or even four Mixels in whichever way you like, and it becomes a MURP...", which was later proven in Mixel Moon Madness with the Vulk, Shuff, Slumbo, Jawg, Tentro, & Footi Murp.
  • In Calling All Mixels and on the cartoon website, in some cases a "Murp" results from combining two Mixels that don't have a mix. This results in the cubit being destroyed and nothing happening.
  • During season one, murps usually only said the word "Murp" and nothing else. Since season two, murps can now talk in full sentences and seem to be smarter.
  • The game Murpball is based around murping.
    • Also in said game, singular Mixels can be murped with a cubit ball.
  • Some descriptions of the episode Murp use the term "Mux" instead of "Murp". This is possibly a preliminary name for Murps.
  • In Every Knight Has Its Day, the murps seem to be more "messy" and made of scrambled parts, especially in the Murpball game.


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