Newzers Max
No screenshot
Cartoon Appearances None
Primary Mixel Screeno
Secondary Mixel Camsta
Tertiary Mixel Myke
Purpose Unknown
Ability(ies) Unknown

The Newzers Max is a Max that debuted in 2016.

Physical Appearance

This Max resembles Camsta the most.

Set Information

LEGO Newzers Max

Newzers Max in LEGO form.

The Newzers Max can be built using parts combined from Mixels sets 41578 Screeno, 41579 Camsta, and 41580 Myke. Extra parts are left over after construction. Instructions are available on the LEGO website downloads page.


  • He slightly resembles Niksput in his LEGO model. 
  • His bottom teeth were placed incorrectly at the Nuremburg Toy Fair 2016.
  • He and the Trashoz Max are the only Series 9 Maxes not to appear in the cartoon.


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Screeno / Camsta / Myke / Kuekard
Newzers Max
Mix TV Studios / Mix TV
Mixels Series 9 (October 2016)
LEGO sets

41572 Gobbol Product IMG Serie8 41572(Nixel) / 41573 Sweepz Product IMG Serie9 41573 / 41574 Compax Product IMG Serie9 41574
Trashoz Max

41575 Cobrax Product IMG Serie9 41575 (Nixel) / 41576 Spinza Product IMG Serie9 41576 / 41577 Mysto Product IMG Serie9 41577
Nindjas Max

41578 Screeno Product IMG Serie9 41578 / 41579 Camsta Product IMG Serie9 41579 (Nixel) / 41580 Myke Product IMG Serie9 41580
Newzers Max

TV episodes

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