Rock pops
Appearances Bar-B-Cubes
Type Food
Get your fresh popped rock pops right here, just one muck!
Volectro & Krader Mix 1

Rock Pops are food from Mixel Land.


Rock pops are a combination of the rocks that the Cragsters eat and Electroid zap-zaps. They look like the rocks produced by the Zaptor & Seismo Mix in Another Nixel.



Get Your Rock Pops

Volectro and Kraders's mix serving Rock pops.

When Volectro has his zap zaps fall in Krader's rocks, he is angry at first, but has an idea. So, they mix and set up a stand to give away free samples of rock pops.


  • They are a parody of the candy Pop Rocks.
  • Gobba seems to enjoy them.
  • They can only be made with the proper Cragster/Electroid Mix (the Krader & Volectro Mixes in particular).
  • Some rocks the Zaptor & Seismo Mix used in Another Nixel to hurt Major Nixel look very similar to Rock Pops.
  • They use the same animation model for rocks, only colored purple.


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