Slumbo & Kraw Murp
Cartoon Appearances High Five
First Mixel Slumbo
Second Mixel Kraw
Ability Can fall over, crushing anything that gets caught under his weight

The Slumbo & Kraw Murp is a Murp that made its debut in High Five.

Physical Appearance

This Murp has Slumbo's chestplate as his body, with one half of it being blue and the other half being orange. He has two smaller Kraw-like legs, although the legs are black instead of orange. His mouth is the color of Kraw, but resembles Slumbo's more. He has some Slumbo ice on him. He has one eye from each Slumbo and Kraw, a small piece of Kraw's behind the eye, and a bunch of Kraw's legs connected to the piece. Both of his eyelids are the same dark blue as Slumbo's.


High Five

In this episode, Slumbo and Kraw are giving Chomly high fives. They Mix and give him high fives, but then, after having a Cubit thrown at them from Chomly, they accidentally Murp into him. This Murp then crushes Chomly.


  • He seems to be the only Murp that can control himself. However, he cannot control his own weight. This is probably because of his small and thin legs and top-heavy body.
  • His design is the basis of the Murps in Mixels Rush, only with different colors depending on the Mixels involved and without Kraw's legs and Slumbo's icy hands.


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