Sproingy Land
Flexer Land
Inhabitants Flexers
Visitors Unknown
Features Radical buildings

The Sproingy Lands, also known as the Rubber Lands and the Flexer Kingdom,[1] is a location above Mixel Land where the Flexers reside. It contains a variety of weird but radical houses that come in all shapes, colors and sizes, such as roofs with the legs of a bird or doughnut shaped.



The Sproingy Lands appear to be located up in the skies. The land is mostly made up of colorful and goofy structures that are held up by strings, such as bird houses, donut houses, or even teacups.


Calling All Mixels

Sky is not the limit!
— World selection slogan

In Calling All Mixels

In Calling All Mixels, the Sproingy Lands are portrayed as a giant ship's deck. Large amounts of treasure and coins can be found randomly placed around the area, with small starfish decorating them. Also found in the area are large teapots, cannons with corks, nets, pools, teacups, and jam cookies.

Calling All Mixels Background Music

Flexers action loop
Flexers exploration loop
Flexers region background loop


  • According to LEGO, they go by both Sproingy Lands and Rubber Lands.
  • The houses seem to be hung up from the clouds.
    • However, it could be that the massive floating ships are what is holding up the houses.
  • The only way for non-Flexers to go up there is by Mixing with a flying Mixel or flying.
  • The Flexers might live in the houses in the lands.
  • The house with bird feet could be a reference to Baba Yaga, who famously has a house with bird feet.
  • This is the first region to be in the sky.
  • It appears that the land below it also belongs to the Flexers, as the Party Building is located down there, and some artwork representing Series 2 required a Flexer(s) to be on the ground.


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TV series

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