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The Great Mixel Mix-Up! is an activity page in the May/June 2016 issue of the LEGO Club Jr. Magazine.

The Great Mixel Mix up


The Series 8 Mixels have fun at the swimming pool, with two activities for the reader.


There are nine Cubits that are already given in the picture:

For Rainbow Cubits:

  1. Right behind the yellow/green beachball on the pool.
  2. Left side towards Skrubz's green floated ring.
  3. Left side towards Sharx's peg leg.

For MCFD Cubits:

  1. Right behind the pink boombox.
  2. Right behind the mustard bottle where it is on the blue/white striped table.
  3. Around the yellow floated ring where it was held by Aquad.

For Glowkie Cubits:

  1. Right next to Surgeo and his purple floated ring.
  2. On top of the blue cup.
  3. Below the green bush.


  • Sharx doesn't have his eyepatch on his left eye.
  • Skrubz is missing his window and one of his tongue pieces.
  • Skulzy is missing his flag piece used for his bandana and a green flower on his arm.
  • Hydro's ball cup pieces that connect to his legs are twisted, but this is most-likely just so he can sit down.
  • On both his name tag and in the word search, Aquad's name is misspelled as "Aquod".
  • Tuth's toothpaste doesn't have the two LEGO pegs on top of it, so it is just flat. Also, for some reason, it appears to be glowing.
  • Aquad's blue round piece on his side and the glass inside him is solid and not transparent.
  • Aquad's left foot doesn't appear to be connected to the ball joint. The ball on the end of the ball joint piece is also dislocated.
  • Lewt's two top silver teeth aren't in the right spots. He's also supposed to have a silver coin piece between his arm joint pieces, but it's not there.
  • Surgeo doesn't have the round black piece on his syringe. Also, the clear piece on his syringe is solid and not transparent.


  • There is a word puzzle on the pool that you can solve by finding the Series 8 Mixels' names.
  • There is a bonus where you can find nine hidden Cubits in the picture (Rainbow Cubits, MCFD Cubits and Glowkie cubits).
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